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One in 68 children in America have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism is more common than juvenile diabetes, pediatric AIDS and pediatric cancer combined. Early and intense therapies have been proven to be effective yet most children go without due to financial restraints. ACT Today! fills a necessary gap by providing assistance for these children today to ensure they have a better tomorrow.
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Letters from Recent Grant Recipients: [click on a tab to stop slideshow mode]
Dear ACT Today!,

I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous grant for our child. It has truly been a roller coaster ride and everyday, I wake up and pray that Kyle will continue progressing and maturing. It hasn't been easy, but we are blessed to have our little boy and with your generous help, we continue fighting and looking forward to tomorrow.

Your grant has allowed us to continue treatment with the doctor who we could not afford without your assistance. My son has had ongoing digestion problems and for the first time in 4 years, with the help of our doctor and your gift, he has had several normal stools. With your grant we have also been able to purchase the necessary supplements and Kyle has started saying words! His vocabulary is very limited, but he is now able to say "hi", "bye" and even count to 10! We are so very fortunate and we want to express our gratitude from the bottom of our hearts.

Kyle's Mom
Dear ACT Today!,

Our 4 year old son Adam has autism. We starting doing ABA/SPEECH/OT. We did blood/urine/stool tests and we were given a long list of supplements he needed to take. We also put Adam on a GF/CF diet. Needless to say, the total medical cost for Adam became very high. Our financial situation was already in bad shape since I had to quit my job to care for Adam and his newborn sister. Our insurance did not pay for any of Adamís medical expenses and they all came out of pocket. Within the year Adam has shown much better eye contact, his attention improved as well, and he started saying a few words too. Adam still struggles with speech and social deficits, but is making steady progress.

We were shocked when ACT Today! decided to give Adam $1,000 grant for his bio-medical treatments. We always paid for Adamís expenses ourselves and there were times that we thought we had to stop paying for it as our savings were nearly dried up. So with the help of ACT Today! we can now extend Adamís treatments for several months. We are very grateful to ACT Today! and will never thank them enough for all their help.

Sincerely yours,
Adamís Mom
Hi Everyone at ACT Today!,

I apologize for not writing sooner. My husband has been away for military exercises, so my hands have been really full.

I just wanted to let you all know how extremely grateful I am to your organization. The grant you gave our family has been truly amazing. Because of the grant, my son with autism, Timmy, has been participating in therapeutic horse riding. He absolutely loves it. The growth he has shown through this program has been remarkable. Timmy's confidence, balance, attention, and social skills have all been improving. His time with the horses has been so precious and valuable for Timmy and our family. We would have not been able to afford this program. Thank you all so much for making this possible.

Forever grateful,

Tim, Emily, Joel, Ben, and Timothy, Jr.
Dear ACT Today!,
I am writing to thank you for the supplement grant we received for my daughter. As you know supplements are expensive and not covered by insurance. The supplement protocol and special diet are crucial in my daughter's healing process. With receiving the grant the financial burden for this treatment has temporarily been lifted.

All the traditional therapies that we use such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and ABA therapy are also very important. They help my daughter learn in her current state and cope and adapt, while the supplements and diet work on healing her body from the inside out and helps her to absorb all the other therapies making them much more effective.

Once we have started the diet and supplements, our daughter's eczema is completely gone as well as her GI issues. Her immune system and liver function are improving. With all that inner pain and discomfort subsiding, she is happier, 100% more engaged and eager to be a part of and learn about the world around her.

Thank you for lending a helpful hand on our road toward recovery!

With grateful hearts,
A Healing Family
I would like to thank ACT Today! for the grant that was given for fencing. My son Sal loves being outside and not having a fence was a problem, he would constantly run away and we live on a busy street. Now that we have the fence, we can enjoy our backyard as a family. Before the grant, one of us had to be watching Sal while the other watched our other 2 children. It is such a relief to know he is safe even if we turn our heads for a minute.

Thanks so much for PEACE OF MIND!
Sal's Family
Dear ACT Today!,
Thank you so much for the generous grant for the SKILLS ABA Web Based Application; it has been such a blessing! It has given me direction on what to do, and how to do it, when I needed it the most. It is amazing how it is helping my son. Perhaps the most noticeable change now is language. The skills he has acquired through this program have been noticed by others. Although it is very hard work, it is worth it to see him improve day by day. What is even more exciting is to see how happy and proud it makes him. He is working so hard!

Thank you so much for your generous gift. Quality ABA therapy has been by far, the most beneficial treatment we have tried, but unfortunately insurance, nor the public schools, will provide it (and we can't afford it on your own). All of you are angels to help make this possible. This is a tremendous help that would not have been possible without you. Thank you so much. Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you have done to help my son!

Thank You!
Dear ACT Today! Board,
In a world where all things autism are geared toward children, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my new iPad! I am a 24-year-old young woman with autism. I never could have afforded an iPad on my fixed SSI budget. But thanks to you, I have one now!

The iPad has helped me in several ways. First, when I lose speech under stress, it is back up. Second, it helps me to participate in bible study because I can type my thoughts out before I speak them, and this participation is a way for me to better integrate into my community. Thirdly, I haven't been sleeping much recently since my best little cat friend passed away, and the iPad has been helpful on these long nights. I brought it to a therapy session, and doing something visual like a puzzle really helped me to communicate better.

And last night at the (loud, chaotic) Mexican restaurant, it made it possible for me to be with my family and not hide in the lobby or the bathroom. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dear ACT Today!,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank your organization for the grant that was given to my son Jomar. Being a single mother of 5 (3 of which are disabled) I would have never had the means to be able to provide my son Jomar with a communication device. Jomar was given a grant that provided him with an iPad that has given him a voice. Since receiving his iPad Jomar has been able to use different applications to communicate with us. He has a long way to go but Jomar has made an enormous change. I am so grateful to ACT Today! for the grant given to Jomar. There are no words to express my gratitude. Thank you all so much for granting my son a tool to communicate.

Thank you,
Jomar's mom
Hi ACT Today!:
Wow, how Logan has taken off since he received his iPad. He wants to use it everyday. He knows all of his colors and all of his shapes - even the hard ones like a rhombus and hexagon. Even though he has the speech delay he knows what you are saying and can use the iPad to touch and say the word and it stays with him. His teacher just sent home a report to compare him from last year. She was almost in tears that he has improved so much. Emotions take over when you see your kids blossoms and smile and this mom knows!! MY SON IS GOING TO SUCCEED IN LIFE. Thank you so so much!

Logan's Mom
Dear ACT Today!,

First of all, thank you to all the Board Members in ACT TODAY! from the bottom of our hearts for awarding our child that has autism with an IPAD 2. Christian is 10 years old and diagnosed with autism when he was 2. It's been a roller coaster ride since he was diagnosed but we are able to pull through some of the tough times with the help of the people and the organization around us like yours. You made our lives a little easier. The IPAD 2 helps Christian to be able to communicate, express his feelings and explore technology as he goes forward in his life. Christian loves his daily schedule including monitoring what's the weather going to be in the next hour as we always have an unpredictable weather here in New England. Your organization made a big difference in my son's life and we can't thank you enough!

Sincerely yours,
Christian's Mom
To ACT Today!:
I don't think I can thank you or express to you enough, how much the grant has meant to my family. Addy was diagnosed with autism along with Epilepsy, Hypotonia, and Mito Dysfunction. There is NO worse feeling, than knowing that there is HOPE out there for your child to possibly recover, and not know if you will ever have access to the same treatments or possibilities as others because you can't afford it.

Because of the financial demands this has placed on our family, we have had to choose or cut back on supplements. When we heard that we were going to be awarded a grant from ACT, we were overjoyed... Addy could have the digestive enzymes we couldn't afford, or the extra dose of Co Enzyme Q-10 we went without...and countless others. We were blessed!

So, thank all of you...for helping us help our baby girl! She deserves a chance at a good life and we will do whatever it takes! It was like prayers answered when we received the news! God Bless...finally, an organization truly dedicated towards helping families with Autism! You and all the Sponsors, Donors, etc...are our angels!

Addy's Mom
Thank you so much for providing the grant for the new iPad2 for my son Andrew. His father recently passed away unexpectedly and it has been very hard on our four children. Andrew is considered non-verbal. The speech therapist has been using Andrew's new iPad2 with Andrew along with the speech apps on there and we have started to see miracles in Andrew's speech and behavior. He has even started to say "Momma" to me more now and I have waited over 10 years to hear him say that! His siblings have also been helping him with the iPad2 and have been interacting with him more. The iPad2 you provided for Andrew has been more than "just an iPad2" but a new way of life for Andrew and our family. We are forever grateful for your grant for the iPad and during this most difficult and tragic time in our family, you have provided a new light of hope for Andrew's life and our family. For the very first time, Andrew was posing for the camera with full eye contact and sitting still with the biggest smile on his face with the iPad! The photo captures all the happiness the iPad has brought to Andrew!

Thank you so much for your generosity,
Linda (mom)
Dear ACT Today!,
There are no words to describe the appreciation we have for ACT Today! and the members of your organization. As the recipients of a grant for our two daughters, we were able to pay for a fence for our home.

One of our biggest worries was that the yard was not fenced. Having a child that works hard to escape and has wandered away numerous times, fencing is not an option. It is a necessity. We worried about how to take on the large expense, but knew there was not too much we could do. As most of us know, we do what we have to do to protect our children.

ACT Today! awarded us with a grant for $2525.00 to provide fencing for our home. It was an amazing blessing. We hung up the phone in shock that it actually happened.

There are angels on this earth. We never know the form they are going to take. But we know through the kindness of strangers that they are there. Every day we experience so many trials it is hard to remember good things are still happening. This organization is one of those "good things".

May God continue to bless you and all you do for individuals and families living with ASD.

Camille and Caragh's Family
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